Creativity As Therapy

So often is the case that creativity goes along with bipolar disorder, and it is underutilized in this suit-and-tie world we live in.

Personally, I’m a writer and that is my outlet. I both turn my emotions into prose and in doing so, I release those pent up feelings that smother me. I pour out my thoughts onto paper and manifest a physical map to my condition.

The great example is my autobiography/memoir. Bipolar disorder had created so much chaos in my life, but putting it down on paper, I was able to analyse my behavior. Why did I act the way I acted? How can I change, so it won’t happen again? But most importantly of all, what can I control, and what is beyond my ability to change?

Music, painting, theater, and so much more can all be a conduit for releasing emotions and creating a road map to the chaos inside.

The world pushes us to the 9-to-5, but it takes more than money to truly live. Take charge and be the next Earnest Hemingway, Vincent van Gogh, or Carrie Fisher. You just might feel better for doing so.