Bipolar Disorder Stigma

Bipolar Psychosis

Below is a link to fellow blogger aswiftrecovery’s personal experiences with bipolar psychosis. She shows us its progression with time and the many different forms it takes from seeing things and hearing things as well as having delusional thoughts like everyone is out to hurt you. Her’s is an invaluable account to understanding psychotic episodes in bipolar disorder.

Bipolar Psychosis is something I have been afraid to talk about with anybody, even on here it has not been easy. I did post once whilst developing mild psychotic symptoms, which you can find here, but in this post I will explain my experiences as far as I can understand them. Pre-diagnosis When I […]

Bipolar Psychosis – 12 experiences with hallucinations and delusions & my counsellor says I am posessed! — aswiftrecovery

By Bryce R. Hostetler

An author and college graduate, Bryce didn't let his bipolar disorder keep him down. He enjoys lifting weights and running to stay active. He tries to read every day and at least a book a month. He's writing out of the United States in a small state called Arkansas.

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