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Marbles: A Book Review

Forney writes with a strong didactic purpose in her memoir. There is a lot of technical material in her memoir, but unlike other memoirs, she is able to use graphics to help illustrate what she’s talking about. Her approach makes the complex topic of what is mania, rapid cycling, and goal-oriented behavior for example more approachable. Forney makes her depressions so vivid, it’s like your stuck on that coach with her, and the frantic chaos of her manic mind palpable.

The most wonderful part of her memoir is she constantly depicts her conversations with her psychiatrist along the way. This approach perfectly captures her struggle with finding the right medication. What’s her reaction to this drug or that drug? Why is she on a particular drug? What is she doing about the side effects of a drug? What does her doctor thing in response to Forney’s life and symptoms?

The use of graphics in Marbles really takes the reader inside of Forney’s world. Her actions aren’t just described but put out for the entire world to SEE. When Forney talks about becoming psychotic, she draws it! We see rats swarming around in her head because that is what she felt as a living reality. When she is overflowing with manic energy, we physically see her buzzing about with unlimited gusto.

It is the honesty with which Forney speaks will resonate with anyone who has been in her position before. They will cringe as she loses control and cheer when they see her triumph.

To anyone trying to understand their own struggle with bipolar disorder or that of their loved one (delivered in an easy to read package) should pick up a copy of Marbles today.

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By Bryce R. Hostetler

An author and college graduate, Bryce didn't let his bipolar disorder keep him down. He enjoys lifting weights and running to stay active. He tries to read every day and at least a book a month. He's writing out of the United States in a small state called Arkansas.

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