An Introduction

Hey everyone, I’m here to tell you a few things about both myself and my blog.

I like to always start out with the fact that I am the fourth of seven children with a large extended family. It’s unfortunate that large families are so uncommon in modern society. I feel it is my family that has most supported me during all of my hard times.

In 2015, I graduated from Vanderbilt University. I guess that makes me a smarty-pants, but actually, I’m destitute broke, working with my hands instead of with my head.

My life changed when my mental illness suddenly onset. I had such a happy childhood and was a completely average high school student too. Then I turned bipolar, and my life began falling apart.

Specifically, I suffer from bipolar I disorder. I take medication for it and have spent time in the hospital over it as well. To further complicate my bipolar illness, I also suffer from social anxiety disorder.

This blog is my plea to the world that it’s okay to be mentally ill. It’s not something I have to apologize for. It’s not something I have to be ashamed of. It’s a part of me, but it isn’t my identity. I want people to see me–the man behind the disorder, behind the dysfunction, behind the insanity. I want them to see a man that enjoys writing, lifting weights, running, spending time with his niece and nephews, and so much more. It’s okay to be mentally ill, and I want people to see that.

By Bryce R. Hostetler

An author and college graduate, Bryce didn't let his bipolar disorder keep him down. He enjoys lifting weights and running to stay active. He tries to read every day and at least a book a month. He's writing out of the United States in a small state called Arkansas.

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